how you got here

a list of random words or phrases inputed into various search engines that send people to ye olde blog…

tips for reading poetry out loud
– to this date i think i can sum up it up in one phrase
“alcohol, liter upon liter of alcohol”

“woman-only policy”
-this comes from some of the reading i’ve been to where having a penis is a crime

-these should start making a more regular appearance on this blog

Gemini 3rd June 2003
-a congruence of coincidence

Street Corner Prophets
-i remember hearing once about a street corner intellectual (which this may allude to) so for the record it could be anyone from the RISEN HAY.ZEUS to your random drunk asking you about a very small scar above your eye

poems blind dates
-is this anything like falling in love vis a vis the open mic?

poems about duct tape only
-wrong blog, dude. i would suggest headin to WATSON for more info

oda a la empanada
-a poem whose time has DEFINITELY come

how does a gemini feel after breakups
-anywhere from thrilled to be free from the chains to making some very sad noises on the phone

dating stripper
-is best done when you have discretionary funds

embarassing cane
-is what i want for my birthday. a nice gaudy one

“with a new girlfriend” breakup
-do i sense a them here?

blog poems that are not really poems

and my most favorite search to date involves inter.webbers going to the IMAGE section of their favorite search engine and getting this result

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