it seems like everyone has a blog these days

recently, the pontiff passed thru and gave my blog his blessing.
all you _____ off my lawn! (ding! the inside joke bell)
holler back at his holiness blog

on the secret tip- i am doin what i do best and may be gettin someone else new on the mic

on the double secret tip- this last weekend, i may have pulled off my biggest power move when it comes to booking a feature. keep your fingers and toes crossed

someone actaully responded back to one of my posts and i am totally speechless. there question is pretty straight forward but i cant seem to verbalize the answer. some poet, huh?

the poem that i was writing on the fly last week is entitled “Four Necessary Elements of Erotic Poetry”

i hate posting poems on the blog. no one ever comments in any meaningful way so why bother. i may start posting stuff on LJ since i can think of at least one person who will throw two cents my way.

in the last four years, i have not written a complete poem withour reciting it on some stage. there are no secret poems.

i wish people would take a chance more often on stage. i am seein too many people play it safe.

by the end of this month, i am goin to want to take a serious break from poetry.

it took me a while to actual call myself a poet without putting 12 disclaimers in front, behind, and around the statement. now, i think i can easily say i am a damn good host. the last few weeks have seen me go on stage under some near guerilla circumstances and come out unfazed

poetry is still the only thing i am good at in this life

the great rubics cube that is female psychology continues to elude me. i can only get one side right as the other five are a jumbled mess

i am working on four new poems right now. my set at spoken words cafe is gonna be ALL new hotness. the worcester set will be a balanced mix of old, new, and who knows what else. the BX1 set will be the poems from spoken words and at least one new piece.

ima be 35 very soon. i party like if i was still 25 and act like im 21. the only thing that could change this would be the scariest undetaking i can think of right now… goin back to school

mark doty is my new hero. he is changing my whole concept of poetry. i am also reading his poems out loud to help me calm down the anxious parts of my voice. i am NOT mimicing his voice though, that is a point less exercise.

i got back in contact with the.one.that.got.away
we may be meeting up for lunch very soon.

meeting up with her always leads to new poems

take a little walk on the darth side

off to do some real 9to5 work

love ya like a hyancith bean

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  1. Hey I just found this site but just to let anyone know I will post comments and welcome the same
    Jae Lynn poet/Gemini/woman

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