so i get all jimmy stewart and start wondering about the REAL meaning of Cinco de Mayo and come across this on one web site

In America, Cinco de Mayo is taken as an opportunity to celebrate Hispanic culture in general, and is celebrated with huge fairs, which include Mexican singing, dancing, feasting, costumes, sports activities, fireworks, and entertainment.

sheet, not in my america

in my lil corner of the world, today is nothing more than a day to get a good discount on mexican alcohol. the only symbols for Cinco de Mayo all involve some form of malt liquor or tequilla. they might as well call it Free Lime Day.

i do know a few mexican clubs in the area and it doesnt get much better there. mah boys have bounced in latino clubs for years and this is one of those ‘ah sheet, some 130lb mufuckah is gonna drink 2 gallons of tres.equis and try to be more brave than smart’ nights.

i aint much better. ima just google around the net and see if i can pick up a nice kernel of knowledge that i can bust out at the next social gethering so that i can seem all down with la raza and some sheet.

not the most fun posting i’ve put up in a while but i am not very motivated as of late. too much poetry “business” has me down as of late. i am feeling a bit of the burnout. too many emails and not enough workshops make ob a dull dull writer.

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  1. For the record…

    Cinco de Mayo was the anniversary of the French getting their asses handed to them by the Mexican army…a source of cultural pride which, unfortunately, instantly vanished during the last Mundial when Mexico was defeated handily by the U.S. :-)

    …ah swear on mah mama…

    In all seriousness…picture Puerto Ricans putting aside their political differences and evicting the colonialist U.S. Army by force, and you’ll get an idea of why this date is so important for Mexico.

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