keep your friends close

and then keep em even closer

mad people have helped spread the word on tonight acentos show

its good to know that you have friends you can count on when ya need em

this should be the time of the day when i should be doing everything possible to clear my chi for the show

i love going into acentos with a zen like spirit. there has been only one show (which luckily i was not hosting) where the outside world got to real piss me off and i walked into the spot in a less than friendly groove. right now, my spirit is a little off its axis. this is the same feeling i get before a heavy duty feature. where i know that mah kung-fu is tight but still wonder if its good enough for the task at hand.

i have a very well earned reputation as a “manda todo” aka control freak. btw, part of being a control freak is not enjoying when people call me a control freak, i prefer for others to think of me as very ‘detail oriented’ ;-)

so the jitters generally come from not being such an anal bastich and letting the chips fall where they may. its better to bet that shit will not come out like you planned. people will do epics on the mic. carpet micers will act like they is sumbody. folks will try to perform a mini-feature. and, there will be bad poetry on the mic.

all of which, believe it or not, i love. if it wasnt for bad poetry how could we appreciate the good shit. i know a few folks who contribute to the mic on the regular that were inspired by BAD poets. “sheet, i know i may not be dat good but i KNOW im better than dat!” so, praise the revolutionary rant. hail the excessive repetition. sing to the over wrought verse.

this posting has helped clamed me down a bit. has me looking forward to the chaos cuz after the debacle from the last show– i think i am ready for just about anything.

*strikes the tree pose*
TM vmontes

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