live from I-90

approachng worcester. profe has alredy been at the java hut for almost an hour. first thing hes gonna do is yell at us :-)

the ride has been smooth and uneventful. i am all tired out. car rides put me to sleep and the fact that i was dancin last night at rogers party just adds to that fact. speakin of– happy birthday, mofo!

last night was a blur of events but i did join the ‘grito de poetas’ for two readings. had a serious clash between the life i am living now and the life i used to lead. was at a tv taping that ran real long. chance took over the mc duties and changed up the format. guerilla poetry foh real. both performances were a good warm up for the feature.

this led to me and fish rollin up late to the ‘all white party’ celebratin rogs birthday. we still had good times and i got to dance my ass off. i love the feel of good sweat comin off me as i speak to the music, the folks on the dancefloor and whatever dance partner i might be with. it feels like i am losing something but its leavin in the middle of a parade.

shit is starting up here at the java hut. the crowd is raunchy, loud and hungry. just like i love it. i feel like a gladiator ready to enter the arena. lets do this…

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  1. burning set, bro. they loved you here, as well all the rest of the acentos crew…you were great. see you in NY soon…T

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