REVIEW– Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

when the actual film was over, my immediate thoughts on the Star Wars franchise
“well, on the bright side, at least they cant make any more”

like a suckah i stayed up till 3 in the am to see this film. then again, i am ALWAYS up at 3 am anyhow. scratch feelin like a suckah. i also had the sense to go to the nerd.thug paradise which is the whitestone cinema in the bronx and avoided being on a line for hours surrounded by people that really do need to get laid. all this and i still cant shake this pure all day suckah glow i have. could be from the fact that i bought into the hype and deluded myself into thinking that somehow george lucas would be able to write enough good dialogue to make this film interesting. i was wrong.

actually, the one left holding the bag is the six year old inside of me that remembers going to the fordham road/grand concourse theater with my dad & sister, the ten year old that waited in the rain for the sequel and the schemin 13 yr old that took advantage of the fact some kid liked my sister to skip the massive line for (what should have been) the final film. all of them feel like suckahs.

at this point, everybody that is just as desperate as i was to satisfy the kid in them has gone and checked out the film by now. to the rest of y’all, if you really love see high tech CGI on the big screen, go for it. otherwise, wait for the DVD.

an actual review that encapsulates my thoughts of the film from a technical end can be found at the end of this post.

love ya like if i just robbed ya of your last $10

Entertainment Weekly
“The trouble with Revenge of the Sith is that we’re never really shown what we’re told about endlessly: Anakin succumbing to the temptations of power.” more…

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