the quick recap

i dont have time to go into all the details but i really want to post this up before it joins the graveyard of posts that i dont get around to actually putting on the blog

-Brooklyn Back Break Beat
-Hosting 101
-She Reads The Letter, Oblivious To The Fact That She Missed Her Stop Fifteen Minutes Ago
-My Father Teaches Me The Aesthetics Of Poetry At Age 8
-Brand Name
-Right Here in the Bronx

the set went aight, i think. it was by no means a standout performance. with the exception of BBBB all these poems are less than 90 days old. with a room full of friends that have all heard me bust out the hits, i didnt think i had much of a choice. some of the words were like taffy in my mouth, they taste good but still leave my tongue heavy. at any rate, this is a great warmup to worcester where i can mix up more of the older work with this fresh stuff and we’ll see what happens.

go outside and pick a flower

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