back among the living

my summer reading list keeps growing. went through jimmy sanitago baca’s “C Train & 13 Mexicans: Poems” and “The Importance of a Piece of Paper: Stories” both are damn excellent. it feels wonderful to have the image of road runners and cactus in my head.

add to that barbara jane’s “Gravities of Center” and a re-read of sean thomas dougherty’s “Nightshift Belonging to Lorca” to fill my duende quota (which, of course, can never really be filled)

up next is jeff chang’s “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop,” more garciá lorca and some stephen dobyns

if you get a chance, go check out the work of kyle dargan. he dropped quite the feature last night at 13.

no fireworks for me (been there – done that)

a new term introduced to me last night: The Oppression Olympics. its what happens when minorities see who has suufered more.

off to do some real work

love ya like grucci loves pyro

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