the wolves in the writing

Axis by Octavio Paz

Through the conduits of blood
my body in your body
                    spring of night
my tongue of sun in your forest
                                        your body a kneading trough
I red wheat
                    Through conduits of bone
I night I water
                    I forest that moves forward
I tongue
          I body
                    I sun-bone
Through the conduits of night
                                                                         spring of bodies
You night of wheat
                                        you forest in the sun
you waiting water
                                        you kneading trough of bones
Through the conduits of sun
                                                            my night in your night
my sun in your sun
                                        my wheat in your kneading trough
your forest in my tongue
                                                      Through the conduits of the body
water in the night
                                        your body in my body
Spring of bones
                                        Spring of suns

Octavio Paz

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  1. i just love how paz, in both his language and his (s)pacing of the poem, really brings the element of the “hunt” to life

    i have to post the actual español version one day

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