todo bien

on sunday, i decided to give the day a color. as soon as i did it felt like the whole world was with me and responded in kind. the color kept leaping out at me in the most unexpected places and with an incredible regularity. for a sec i thought that i was staright buggin out till i realized that i have been doing this for a long time already except i was using grayscale all the time.

it feels good to drop the varying shades of gray and actually commit to a bright color. there is a recipe for disaster snuck in the middle of this. you may want your day to desperately be ______ and the universe says (                    ) instead but i am learning to slapbox fate and even better, willing to call a draw everyonce in a while.

i dont know what color today will be yet. i have been up since 6 with about three hours of sleep. i read recently that drunk people have better concentration than i do right now but i’ve been able to blog about it so that must mean something.

ah, fuk it. i think that today will be a deep blue like the kind you find in southwest corn. yeah, lets see what the universe has to say bout dat.

tonight is acentos with rigoberto gonzález and i am truly excited. hope y’all can come down and share in the fun cuz it is gonna be a partay. promise you dat.

lovbe ya like bob ross loves phthalo blue

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