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i recently had the only WDRE flashback moment. if ya dig through the archives ya can find my eulogy to the only station that i’ve ever known with a real music personality*

but i was able to find a list of past “Shreik of the Week”s (listener voted best debut song of the week)
on a guess, you can say that Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead by XTC (Jun-92) would be when when the vision gang started listening hard to DRE. of course, not everyone was happy with our choice of R.E.M. over A.B.C. or Midnight Oil over WuTang but they eventually fell in line and were soon BEGGIN for some good Live

you can find the full list of Shreiks here and some of personal faves – excluding the usual suspects Morrisey, Smiths, Depeche, U2, Duran Duran, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, etc – are:

I Know What Boys Like Waitresses 1-Dec-80
Tempted Squeeze 1-Jun-81
I Melt With You Modern English 4-Aug-82
Shock The Monkey Peter Gabriel 3-Sep-82
The Look Of Love ABC 1-Oct-82
Annie Get Your Gun Squeeze 4-Oct-82
Major Tom (Coming Home) Peter Schilling 4-Jun-83
Every Day I Write The Book Elvis Costello & The Attractions 1-Jul-83
Things Can Only Get Better Howard Jones 2-Feb-85
Shell-Shock New Order 3-Feb-86
No One Is To Blame Howard Jones 3-Mar-86
Oh, L’Amour Erasure 1-May-86
Bizarre Love Triangle New Order 1-Nov-86
Lips Like Sugar Echo & The Bunnymen 1-Aug-87
Glad I’m Not A Kennedy Shona Laing 2-Aug-87
The Great Commandment Camouflage 4-Nov-87
Route 66 Depeche Mode 1-Feb-88 (i know, i know but this single gets ZERO play on the radio)
Here’s Where The Story Ends Sundays 2-Jun-90
Kiss Them For Me Siouxsie & The Banshees 2-Jun-91
Move Any Mountain Shamen 2-Nov-91
The City Sleeps MC 900 Ft. Jesus Apr-92
Hunger Strike Temple Of The Dog Jul-92
Not Sleeping Around Ned’s Atomic Dustbin Oct-92
Connected Stereo MC’s Jan-93
Feed The Tree Belly Feb-93
Regret New Order Apr-93
Break It Down Again Tears For Fears Jun-93
Sweet Lullaby Deep Forest Jul-93
My Sister Juliana Hatfield Aug-93
Cannonball Breeders Nov-93
Into Your Arms Lemonheads Nov-93
Laid James Dec-93
Backwater Meat Puppets Apr-94
Seether Veruca Salt Oct-94
How Soon Is Now? Love Spit Love Jul-96
Ready To Go Republica Aug-96

and one of the all time so fuckin hard to find DRE singles of all time:
Tasmin Archer’s “Sleeping Satellite”

* SIDE RANT: close 2nd goes to the late 70s version of WKTU. new yorkers should not confuse this as an endorsement to the current incarnation of those call letters which is the most nutra sweet on a peppermint stick god awful taste in ya mouth “dance” music available to the ultra-hip NJ & Long Island crowd. back in the dizzay, Paco would be the night DJ on WKT(we love)U or KT(jus for)U.

and the only other station in these here parts with some real life & breath was the old WNEW with its all talk format anchored by the raunchy Opie & Anthony, the loveable Ron & Fez and the camraderie of the Radio Chick crew but dats another rant

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  1. oh jesus! you said “lips like sugar” by echo and the bunnymen!

    oh, jesus. oh, yessss….

  2. dude, how OLD are you? hahaha! i am only poking fun at myself b/c you kicked me into nostalgia mode and when that was over, i said to myself, jeez that was a long time ago (even tho it feels like yesterday). only old people think like that! :p

  3. I just happen to run across this page and couldn’t help notice that there was a comment here about me (*Paco Lopez*) working…at KTU “back in the day”…I NEVER worked doing nights at KTU…I DID work at Hot 97 in ’93 & ’94 when Emmis first flipped it to Hip Hop with Ed/Dre, Lisa G, Fred Buggs, Baltazar, Flex…and others…but, please know that I NEVER worked at KTU…just tryin’ to se the record straight…Thanks…God bless…

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