does god want me at nationals?

the answer, at this moment, appears to be NO. i am stuck on the tarmac (great word) of houston international airport with zero updates as to when we can leave for ‘burque. the real fkuc.upedness of this situation is that siegel and i did a full Hertz OJ thru the entire length of the airport to get on this plane since our flight out of nyc was delayed and then we were stuck on the runway for quite a bit of time. which was hella cool for the guy sitting next to me, this texan living in brookyn, who drops the gem of poetry on me
texas: whats your sign?
ob: uhmmm, gemini
texas: oh, youre tame. im a scorpio, im not.

punch out, mav! punch out!!
we land in houston and i cant run fast enough. not from texas, he was harmless though he gave his number to me and canadian houseboy. now houston international airport was what i couldnt run fast enough thru.

our flight landed at the far west of the airport and our connecting flight was all the way east and leaving in 15 mins. lets see, bad knees, carry on bags and short legs. not a good combo at this point. thank god that matt powerwalks like a gazelle. i was slowing down hard at one point.
ob: go! go on without me! i’ll catch up..

well, no man left behind is the motto as matt waits at the check in.
“here he is! oscar bermeo is here!!”
like if that means anything outside of the 718.

we make the flight with like 2 minutes to spare. this flight is also on the tarmac for almost an hour BUT at least i have better company. team dc’s christian drake is a student of martin espada, loves lorca, knows the identity of the blue eyed boricua from ‘Alabanza,’ and knows all about dark super heroes. yahtzee!

the delay and the flight was a dream with christian casually dropping this line as we approach abq.
“you cant teach a river to walk a straight line”
ah yeah! currently waiting for the shuttle to bring us to the hotel. the team is here safe. the acentas advance party says burque is all that and some chipolte.

love ya like a cheap pick up line at 30,000 feet

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  1. o.b. you must Must MUST eat:
    1) frybread, both styles: regular with honey and powdered sugar AND “Navajo taco” style with beans and cheese. there’s a place in albuquerque called Frybread Mama’s that’s Navajo owned and operated. i think it’s in the olde towne shopping center.
    2) hot sauce made with NM Hatch hot peppers. both kinds red and green are so good and so hot! any good diner or NM style restaurant will have this.
    eat tons for me!

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