sunday in the park

lila downs at summerstage was the TROOF. she was all kinds of fierce aztlan warrior-sage. her band showcased a full drum kit, harp, keyboards, violin, electric guitar, hollow cello, trumpet, sax, electric bass and ms downs on marching drum, guiro, maracas and acoustic guitar and her vocals ranged from opera, mexican maricachi, rap and a wonderful growl that rocked my world.

las ondas marteles also rocked my house doing justic to poeta cubano miguel angel ruiz. the lead singer had that low key flirt voice that some guys can rock (cough, Merovingian, cough) to the fullest.
Merovingian: I am picturing how we would look spooning in the morning.
Señorita: You are just too cute!

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some time in the middle of the concert i go to take a water break and local artist, jose luis ortiz hands me this sketch he did of me enjoying the music.

all this and a visit back to spanish harlem (what you know about el barrio, kid???) good food, good company & a great chess game.

best part, my chess partner didnt need to be told what all the pieces do and was ultra-patient which is critical to playing with me cuz i treat every move like life and death. i think this game clocked in at about 40 minutes. my beginning and middle game was aight but my end game still needs a lot of work. i hope to get my room mate to play some more but if anybody out there wants to get a game going online. let a brother know!

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  1. what you know about my knight takes your rook??? yo, your chess game was aiight b – but no need to go blowin yourself up. next time, the shit’s really on! i was only warmin up.
    -The Artcheress

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