acentos crew nps 2005

acentos crew nps 2005
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three revolutionaries plus a goal keeper ;-)

in case you were wondering, the jersey is from Team Emelec one of two teams from my home town of guayaquil

didnt know that? didnt care?

no worries. neither did albuquerque. which led to the prize ego deflating moment at NPS
ob: is ecuador in the house?!?
(silence erupts)
ob: ok… onto the poem…

which is chill cuz ya need that every once in a while which is why i love hanging with this group cuz whenever i may even start to think that mah shit is too fly for words, anyone of dem can bust out a poem that will leave me speechless

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  1. man it´s so cool that you´re wearing a t-shirt from Emelec since it´s my favourite team, please visit our ecuadorian soccer website and check out our pictures from the team. See ya around

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