for the second time in a row, i have NOT been able to share the love of the ceviche spot with a friend.
¿porque, mi gente ecua? ¿¡porque?!
no worries, if i know anything its where to find food in these five boroughs.

and why am i looking to bust my arteries this time around? to celebrate a kick ass reading at Spoken Words courtesy of two of my favorite poetic compadres, Pat “your girl sends you THIS” Rosal & Tony Brown

sadly, pat couldnt join us for the calorie fest afterwards but tony’s drivin buddy did and we had the hella dope talk regarding the usual including my thoughts on banning freestyle from slam competition

the scene of the debacle was Junior’s Cheesecake with yours truly gettin down with the carrot cake cheesecake ;-)

love ya like ecuadorians love a day off

Tony Brown shows off his pic of Eric Embry & the BoSox version of the MLB Trophy
OB is SOOOOOOOO not impressed

No one can deny the love between a man and his devil foods cheesecake

oh strawberry cheesecake, how could I stay mad at you?

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