how you got here

some search words that brought y’all here (plus cantankerous commentary)

why are people hating on gemini
– some folks call it “karma”

“rico sauve”
– lil known fact- gerardo is ecuadorian. mix in the fact that ecuas jus love american pop culture, i got to hear the ‘rico suave’ song endlessly while i was in guayaquil. the commercials for his upcoming concert in the motherland promised an event bigger than the pope.

poetry snob
– and proud! ;-)

how can a poet have a rapport with the audience
– by actually realizing that there is an audience would be a great place to start. anybody that thinks poetry is an entirely internal act (cough, louise gluck, cough) suffers from the risk that they will only affect one person with their poems

reppin ecua
– me and gerardo. to the fullest…

walter mercado gemini
– LOL! ay, walter mercado, how could i stay mad at you? for the uninitiated walter is THE astrological resources for latinos in the tri-state area. outrageous cosmic costumes and over the top performance (GEMMMMMMMMINIS!) makes him the ultimate car wreck when it comes to latino ambiguous sexual identity

“This is me smiling” credits
– this would be where i smile right back at ms barbara jane reyes

pm dawn vs krs1
– while i love both of PM Dawn’s hits, KRS has a much fuller library and he reps the bronx like no one else. winner = boogie down productions

“no dinner diet”
– you must be kidding. when the hell did i even think that?

tab, starsky and hutch, dont give up
– three inside jokes in one shot. nice! now where do i get to mention the ‘sesame tofu’?

reviews me my goat and my sister’s wedding
– uhmm. ok. my sister was radiant. the goat was well behaved. i was neither.
how’s that?

poems to give to fellas
– Jimmy Santiago Baca is a great place to start. hard edge and gritty with tons of heart, emotion and sensitivity. still a place i want to reach in my work.

poetry from retro time period
– anything from the ole skool nuyoricans. now its time for the new school.

Parrilla Energy Bar
– she keeps on going more than that damn pink bunny

catfight blog
– not so much. then again, i almost got into it at a poetry event just the other night. but thats newyawk for ya, we take our verse mad seriously.

good poems to give a teacher on her birthday
– anything that you actually wrote yourself.

poem about spiders dont squish them
– fuk dat. squish em.

samoans in the bronx
– two dudes that used to wrestle as “the samoan headhunters” or sumthin like that were actually twins brothers from elder ave. tru story y’all.

did langston hughes use slang in his poetry
– yeah. and so can you if thats how you best express your self.

poet blog brooklyn
– this popped up like the week after i moved to the snackbox. oh, bX, you still live in my heart! please forgive your prodigal son!

“nuyorican poets cafe” and “small”
– the crowds on friday may always be huge but the work thats being presented might as well be written on the back of matchbook in antarctica. cuz you can look at the past couple of teams, see how many people are still sticking around and growing in the art of poetry and try to present to me an argument as to the caliber of poets the nuyorican is producing. again, time for this myth of the nuyoricans relevance in contemporary poetry in general and pan-latino poetry in specific to come to an end.

love ya like the phoenix loves the ashes

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  1. damn ob you are *on* this morning


    now i gotta say, one of my favorite google searches leading to my blog is this: naked filipina.

    eh, what to do?

  2. * grrrrrmble * stuff like that puts me in alpha dawg mode with the quickness

    on a more upbeat note, i would guess my ON mode would have plenty to do with the impending visit of la musa ;-)

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