straight up

EVE DESCENDING rocked. this afternoons tech rehearsal was the first time i saw the entire production and i was blown away. of course, i was hella nervous cuz only then did it sink in that i was actually in a ‘play.’ up until that point, i was jus memorizin and recitin poetry. nuthin new for the boy, right?
and here i am, on the wings of stage right, tryin to time my entrance with scotts exit thinkin “i have no idea what ima do” and its only tech rehearsal!

leap frog to the end of the play and i am happy to report that i did not mess up bella’s poem. i was the first speaker in the play so i had to keep in mind that i will be settin the tone for the rest. that being the case, a good number of friends showed up late and missed my spot. no worries, i wouldnt change a thing.

i am exhausted. time to get in a mean, lean 6 hrs of sleep. werd.

and back to the point of this remote post, come and see the play!

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