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· : Okay, it’s not really a movie, but count me in as one of the thousands of fans who need to watch OK Go’s music video for its song “A Million Ways” at least once a day. A simple recording of the four male members of the Chicago-based band dancing in lead singer Damian Kulash’s back yard, “A Million Ways” is compulsively watchable, at once goofy and highly accomplished, as
otherwise flat-footed guys nail moves made famous in “West Side Story,” “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and “The Matrix” — in one take. (The routine was choreographed by Kulash’s sister, adding to the cheerful, do-it-yourself vibe.) I defy you to watch it only once.

* you would think that after i looked through the Washington Post i would leave with something a bit more nuanced… but then i just wouldnt be ME now would i?

doin it for the kids,

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