BNN: New York Minute

WEATHER: it is a sweltering 45 degrees as we speak! break out the sun block! snow and slush gave way to freezing rain last night as i was holding my breath throughout the car ride home.

CURRENT EVENTS: transit strike delayed till tuesday. came this close to sleeping over at work and they dont even come through on their threat. or maybe they did, my normal 70 min commute took almost three hours today. even worse than having to deal with that is havin to deal with the resident loud mouth who insists on yelling at the public service announcement speaker.
we are currently experiencing delays…
of course we’re experiencing delays! tell me what i dont know
… service being re-routed to…
to mah house! dats where it should be sent to

i think i would take this strike much more seriously if the president of the transit workers union did not look so damn much like cedric the entertainer.

Blogverse: You make the call!
Which one is Roger Toussaint and which is the new Ralph Kramden?

next time the workers who handle how i gets around the five boroughs wants to hire one of the orignial kings of comedy, i am suggestin they get Bernie Mac. jus sayin.

LITERARY: following up a wonderful week where i got to check out nick carbó read; saw the BEST worst attended reading ever: the kenneth rexroth tribute with suheir hammad, jessica hagedorn, patrick rosal & bob holman (among others) reading; and one of my favorite poetry couples, jai & elana rock out at the bronx council reading, i have attended ZERO readings this week. so it goes.

HOROSCOPE: (cue the Walter Mercado voice)Gemini, you will find that home is truly where the heart is.
ok, i made that up. but its how im feelin.

SIGNOFF: new york, i love you but its feeling like time for a new adventure…

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