How you got here

Ending 2005 with some strange web searches to ye olde blog (plus the commentary)

spanish champion poem
– un slam en español?

houseboy in Houston
– gotta love the consonance

who started the phrase “grill” for your face
– if it was in reference to the much desired Cadillac grill, i would guess a mechanic

les sit de veruss
– oui, mon frere

what does prick mean in spanish?
– know that i look at this, i can see how it is a legit question but it still made me laugh for a second

Stuart Scott poetry slam
– cooler than the other side of the pillow

Why +Ecuadorian +Crazy
– it’s a south american thing, you wouldn’t understand

woke up this morning feeling happy
– that has been the catchphrase lately

Poetry about the Bronx
– only after i moved out. hmmm, best get ready for a slew of NYC poems

oscar poet
– palabra

migente cafe Bronx
– ahhh, where the online magic first began

1000 word poems
– worth as much as a picture?

santiago + hustler + morales
– face + lost money + fist

Emelec Jersey
– for the record, soy un Barcelonista but i still rep ecua to the fullest when i can

ox of peaces
– is this anything like the pygmy goat of doom?

gout knee scotch
– DON’T DO IT!!!

“banco popular” shit
– try Citibank

achoo etymology
– bless you

kobe pimp limp
– this one keeps coming up and i have no idea why

bono as a poet
– “We wait all day For night to come And it comes Like a hunted child”
Bono Vox indeed!

over exaggerating poems
– see your nearest slam venue

ob huge down here phil song
– WTF?

“future poet” + “blogspot”
– this made me smile as it goes back to something some wrote to me at the first Acentos

+mitchell’s +”ice cream”
– will be a more frequect stop

juniors cheesecake poem
– sadly, a less frequent future haunt

bronx gang poem
– funny only cuz i have no gang experience at all

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