Las Navidades or Pascua or Crees-Mas

Anyway you say it, good times indeed as we do what we do best and ambush Esmeralda Santiago’s open mic in Tarrytown.

Maria and Rich both came armed with beautiful Noche Buena poems and I had to improvise a story about the holidays in Ecuador that was half fabricated but did the job I was asked to do.

Best part of the night – it was actually 2pm but I always associate poetry events with the dark hours – was reuniting with Esmeralda’s sister who is an old friend from back in my old life

I used to be up in her house all the time as a friend of her daughter, and even though we didn’t have the most stable friendship, moms always looked kindly on me as a part of the family. The second I saw her she gave me a HUGE smile and an even better hug.

For kicks and whistles I’m going to blog the Ecuadorian X-Mas story but that will be somewhere on my to-do-list right behind “Bleaching my Sneaker Laces” and “Getting Right with Jesus”

Yours in faith,

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