Poet, Heal Thyself

What up, party people? X-Mas was spent in the joyful company of a trio of bouncing baby boys (nick)named Chesseburger, NuNu & Augie. This triumvirate was equal parts terror, fun & joy. The babies still haven’t learned the intricacies of American football leaving the bigger boys of the house alone to revel in the fun of a meaningless Bowl game complete with both the coaches and the announcers wearing gaudy Hawaiian shirts for the Hawaii Bowl. Not for nothing, if you were to fly me out to the middle of paradise & surf to play some ball, I would put ALL the players in gaudy Hawaiian shirts. But that’s just me.

Personal highlight—Finding a natural foods store open at 10pm Christmas Eve.
“Excuse me. Do you have any tart cherry juice?”
‘Sure do.’

Once again King Orchards saves me from spending a holiday in pain. Add a lil Bromelain and B-Complex to the mix and I am happy to report that I am once again pain free and can bust out a mean Running Man if the situation calls for such extreme measures.

That be it for now, catch ya latah.

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