Welcome to my apocalypse… have a seat

since this transit strike started, i have had only like three hours of restful sleep. this is nothing new to those who keep up with my adventures but the kicker this time around is: no caffeine. bw-bw-bw-what?!?

yep. no loving cup of joe for the last 36 hours thanks to a mild attack of gout by my big toe. this morning it seems like the swelling is down and i may actually be able to ride through this storm but that is going to require some serious attention to my diet or, as i like to say, ima be eatin like an ecuadorian rabbit. (for the uninitiated- here is the rundown on gout)

i am currently self-medicating with cherry juice concentrate, b-complex & taking in more water than the titanic. i wish i had my cane with me since i am well past the point of machismo and am more interested in ‘feeling good than looking good’* but, alas, my canes (i have like four of em) are all in the snackbox and i am stuck up in the bronx thanks to the strike. while the proletariat in me would love to support the tovarishch on the picket line, i find little sympathy in my heart for folks who KNEW they were dealing with the hypocritical self-serving nepotistic entity known as the MTA. sleep with dogs, wake with fleas. or sumthin like dat.

lemme say that none of this is adding at all my yuletide cheer so i had to go and make myself happy by booking another trip to the west coast. cuz it could be raining fire & the sun could be gone* but as long as im with bella it doesnt feel so much like the end of the world as much as the start of sumthin much better

love ya like coquito loves crees.mas

*ding! the obscure pop culture reference bell

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  1. lord! how dismal is that?

    well, as you can see, the pinays in cali (eww, i never say ‘cali’) are thinkin abt you, and alternative meanings of ‘apocalypse.’

  2. feel better, ob! too bad you can’t “take to the waters” (as in, hot springs) for the gout. i heard all that hot smelly sulfur water might be good for that. but at least you’ll be coming to cali, woo hoo!

  3. thank you very much ladies. good to know that i have all these warm thoughts coming from califas.

    east coast, where ya at?

    felyqfq (an ancient incan day of gift sharing celebrated during the winter solstice)

  4. “…when a diet high in rich foods (e.g., red meat, cream sauces, red wine) produces more uric acid than the kidneys can filter from the blood…

    I feel somewhat responsible. Here I am hopin’ you get better so we can go close down a couple of restaurants (“We have no more food! You must leave!)

    How does a Ecudorian rabbit represent? Can we at least fry the lettuce?

    Seriously…feel better. And remember why hobbling men are sexy…

  5. (east coast in da house!)
    patricia, no worries. that soul food spot in mt vernon is supposed to have a wicked good grilled catfish.

    so now that this strike business is hopefully coming to an end, when can we get to makin an ecuadorian rabbit smile?

  6. Cherry juice. Funny, that’s the same way I fight off my pangs of unrequited love.

    (plays sad panda violin)

  7. “I wish i knew how to quit you”


    kkqycwoa (the expression porto rocks make dancing to aguinaldos)

  8. ay pobre oscar….
    any luck that trip out west will coincide with new years??!? or is it too much wishful thinking that i could have you on both coasts…?

  9. artcheress, next west coast trip will be a lil bit after the new years. will you be around oaktown come the 6th?

    from… from… (i love the suspense)

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