winter wonderland

this mornings hell in sub-zero form has nicley morphed into a lovely december day in new york which means it is still WAY too fkcin cold for this south american.

i am a full blooded ecuadorian, born at zero latitude to loving parent who never had to endure a sub 50 day in their lives, hence my genetic makeup is suited for tropical climate.

but, in a pinch, i will happily do with the weather of northern califas ;-)

ah yeah, its dat time again. where all my worries melt quicker than slush on fifth ave as i enjoy the weather of the bay and the love of my life.

fiesta tonight at the snack-box (feliz cumpleaños jibaro!)
fiesta tomorrow at the make out room (get yo minds out da gutter!)
fiesta in fremont at the p/filipino p/food p/fest (battle of the al(p/f)ha dawgs!)

love ya more than maradona loves the hand of god*

* yep! ecuador made la copa mundial! dats da world cup to all you silly americans who dont dig futbol. remeber, decolonialization begins at home

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  1. (let’s not assume battle of the “alpha dawgs” means “ob vs. barb’s dad.”)

    which means, look out! dano vs. ob…

    we oughtta take bets.


  2. Oh. Bless you and your warm, warm blood. No wonder you walk drumbeats. No wonder there’s a faint sizzle in your breathing. No wonder we’ve got to open the windows when you walk into the room.

    Never apologize for your hot blood. Just stand close to everyone. They’ll get the idea.


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