payin’ the piper

i have just hauled around about a collective 600 lbs of office equipment down (thank hay-zeus) three flights of stairs, assembled a make shift music studio and cured a sightless boy… ok… maybe i didnt assemble the music studio

to further amuse myself, i have been reading excerpts of ‘The Trouble with Poetry : And Other Poems’ but doing so to Manilow

I write the poems that make the whole world sing.
I write the poems of love and special things.
I write the poems that make the young girls cry.
I write the poems, I write the poems.

what i have read from this new collection is enough to let me know that this is more an homage to collins than anything else and once you start writing to help push the cult of personality rather than the proverbial envelope, you might as well start slamming professionaly. yes, i know it is rather lazy to disparage on billy collins and slam but im tired… maybe tomorrow i will have a more articulate rant… or i may go out and make red kool aid out of water

I am poetry, and I write the poems.

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  1. damn it, see, now you’ve beat me to the railing on billy collins’s the trouble with poetry.


    fblpu. yeah.

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