You put the PA in my ¡WEPA!

Rich on the Bar13 Mic
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Rich Villar rocked the house last night at Bar13. One of the things I failed to mention about last week’s Acentos feature was how relaxed I was especially in relation to the louderMONDAY feature where I was craving a strong Scotch to calm my nerves. If Rich was suffering from the same nervousness, he didn’t let it show. The set was calm, well paced and teeming with a variety of voices & inflections.

The post-feature Q&A went smooth even with Roger’s left-field questions but they kind of had to be left-field being that many of us have spent a lot of time with Rich and are familiar with his politics and inspirations.

Best part- show done by 9:30 which left plenty of time for… dancing! Ask and ye shall receive.

More pics, including me reciting an imaginary duet with Tara Betts, the meeting of the families, the poetic version of ‘Master Killer: Return to the 36 Chambers,’ and Rich shining bright in the spotlight are here.

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