"The dust, a smoke screen all around "

being that i have spent the last decade either driving around, digging my business or diggin myself out of a basement apartment during winter storms, it seems like this record setting storm was not all that bad. i did have a bit of a panic when i was at Salon Propaganda hearing the amazing a cappella sounds of Saheli and then seeing them jam with Trio Con Cuatro (to a reworked song version of Neruda’s Love Sonnet I!) when i get a call that the Snackbox may be pullin a Titanic with water dripping all over the place

i take a hike back to crown hizzy and meet matt along the way. luckily, no serious damage at the crib but the snow was starting to pickin up some force so i called it a night.

the next morning was pretty easy with only a short walk to mah fave breakfast spot and then i headed into the city to break bread with raymond daniel & his lady. weird as fuck to see christopher street all kinds of empty but then the elitist in me loves it cuz only the tru hardcore come out for days like this and the city had this nice balance of still being huge & expansive but with so many less people to share it with.

a good meal & laughs later (i saw my first ever episode of Curb Your Enthusiam and the term ‘it hurts my neck’ will always make me giggle from now on), we head uptown for a rehearsal of this wednesday’s synonymUS set with edwin torres. party people, snow or no snow, y’all are in for a serious ride this wednesday. the set is hella tight with one song still sticking with me.

and how do i keep the time movin from place to place on the MTA? re-readin paolo javier’s 60 lv bo(e)mbs in anticipation for his valentine’s day set tomorrow at acentos

and jus like dat, i work in a plug for tomorrows show.

H is for ‘how ya like me now?’*

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