"But I left by the back door/And I threw away the key"

ElianeConsidering that I have not actually hosted an Acentos since Eliel & Raj’s November 8th show, I was quite calm. Yes, there have a few shows I have hosted in between but both those shows (John Murillo & Paolo Javier’s features) had an embarrassingly low turn out, prompting me to move them to main dining area of the Bruckner.

Let’s also throw in the mix that this is my last regular hosting duties and I was surprisingly calm, hosting in full jackass mode and most of my silliness actually making sense. Or maybe everybody was just trying to make it easy for me. Uhhhm, my ego says to go with the first choice.

bx in da houseA beautiful Open Mic with Raj, Maria, Luis, Matt and Rich as the usual suspects and an old face, Frankie Michelle, returning as well as Carlos Andres Gomez and Other Universes—Steven Sapp & Mildred Ruiz. Special love goes out to Mildred & Steven since they have been reppin’ the Bx since way before I came on this scene and have been there for a couple of my poetic seminal moments.

Didja know that Universes was the first feature ever at synonymUS? Know ya now.
And didja know that Mildred & Steven came out to my first EVER hosting gig at the Co-Op City Barnes & Nobles? Know ya now.

On to the main event, Eliane was simply brilliant. Many thanks to her for not only rocking out but also helping us realize the possibilities of this new theater space at the Bruckner. The next show is going to be amazing.

And I am going to lovingly enjoy it from one of the booths, chilling with a soda and ready to listen.

Time for Acentos Ver 3.0 y’all!

Your former host & curator,

P3140010 el teatro bruckner the uptown's best open mic

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