"full of adventure, turnin up the temperature"

there is a ton to blog about but not much time to really lay it all out. or, just maybe, i am pretty satisfied with the personal conversations i have in real life.


i had a feature this past friday night. why didnt i make mention of it? cuz i didnt know that i was going to be the feature until i actually arrived at the spot. previous to that revelation, i was under the impression that i was going to be a host. no worries, my precognitive abilities kicked in *oh, you didnt know about that? sheet, all south americans have them ;-)* and i printed out the Acentos set list right before leavin the jay.oh.bee and i was good to go.

back to the feature– the set went well. i mixed the order up a bit since the second to last poem (viewing the world from the back of a turtle) went over really well last time. in a fun fluke, the second to last poem of this set (menagerie) probably got the best reaction. go figure. the set in question went down at the downtown bronx bar & cagfe. a pretty tough room in terms of its narrow layout and the fact that it is a restuarant. any of you who have read at a food establishment know that it is one of THE biggest challenges in terms of commanding attention from the audience. this was no exception and, just to make it even more fun for me, i am reading to a group of folks who have spent the whole day at a teaching conference. oh yeah, mad fun. no, really. truth to tell, probably one of my best readings as i felt ultra-confident regarding the work and it came through in my performance. thank god, cuz the lady that decided to talk through the whole thing was not letting up and even though she didnt have a mich, she sure sounded like she did but i was able to make it all work and i left the podium feeling more like a poet than ever since i was able to to use my performance skills to make my poems come to life. i guess that makes me a a performance poet? or maybe, dare i say, spoken word?

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