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IMG_1763ask and ye shall receive. not long after i post about the website i get some pics from peter dressel for the site. nice!

a few weeks back we all got together for a group shot/promo pics/shenanigans. after some back and forth, we were told to show up at a gorgeous sexy loft (uhhmm- where have i heard that phrase before? ding!) at the ungodly time of 10am on a sunday morning. sweet hey-zeus of the goya food section! amazingly enough, just about everyone showed up on time. not so amazing when you factor in that pete is THE photog of the new york city poetry scene and is part alchemist with a twist of plastic surgeon– he makes all of us look that good!

as you can tell when you look through these pics; i had a damn good time. ah yeah, the inside joke bell is ringing loud and clear through all these photos.

here is a sample and you find the rest here. off to califas…

IMG_1902 IMG_1601 IMG_1520

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  1. these photos are GORGEOUS. lynne was telling me about peter & his amazing knack for plastic surgery with a lens. you guys all look fabulous & like a tight, tight loving fam. ima miss you, oscar.

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