the rundown

it is 10 in the morning and i have already been at work for an hour and a half. folks, this aint pretty. i know that many of you fine law abiding citizens are workin hard for a livin at 9am, and for that, i applaud you. (insert budweiser “heres to you! people of genius” music) however, i am used to gettin to work at an hour that is a bit more in line with my poetic lifestyle, say like 11am or noon.

enough of dat. tonight is acentos and i will be sure to get down in time to get my name on the open mic. also very interested in hearing the work of pedro lopez adorno. if any of you were at the anniversay show, you should be at this show as well. i swear the anniversary show is like easter for catholics, mofos show up once a year and then they run around for 364 days talkin bout how they support acentos. can you feel the lack of sleep kickin in?

hilarious aside: GROWN MEN WILL HUG: The Movie. you will laugh, you will cry, you will believe an ecuadorian can fly. trailer pic can be found here. thanks again to the artcheress for her shutter bug talents.

last night at 13: i woulda bet the farm that rives would advance to the finals. good thing i dont have the deed to the farm. my hope in slam is renewed with lynne comin OFF PAGE with new-ish work (new-ish in the sense that she presented newly edited versions of “evidence of injury,” a poem shes been workin on since the days of louderARTS south at morgies(!), and “lace & knife,” an updated version of the james byrd poem. not too sure of how old “the first boy i slept with” is but i first heard it a few months back. “crisis” is the latest version of “come to destroy“)

okey doke. work break over. time for more java!

t-minus 15 days and countin

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