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if i had waited another half-sec, i woulda caught all of shorty’s shadow and had the pic i really wanted. at least i was able to fight off my initial instinct of asking him to run along the concrete divider so that it would add more danger to the pic. jus jokes.

takin a break from writing a new poem to say whats up and to let ya know jus cuz you cant see me, dont mean i cant see you.

case in point: dreamt the other night about calling up an nyc buddy to hang cept i was calling him at his san fran number. huh? yeah.

apparently in the dream, he was now living in san fran but it gets even better when i tell him that i am going to visit him at the crib and he tells me not to bother showing up there cuz hes planning on movin his stuff very soon. note that he tells me his stuff and not that hes actually changing residence. well, at least im noting that as i call him the next day (this is happening in the waking world. confused? yeah, me too, sometimes.) any ways, i call him up and straight up ask– are you planning on moving? no, scratch that. are you plannin on movin *stuff*? answer: yep.

apparently mah boy is involved in getting some items moved from their current place of rest to a new place of rest which may or may not be where he is stayin which is cool enough since his soul travels a bit anyways.

you would figure that if i started a post about a real actual picture with concrete objects that i might just write something a bit less nebulous.

love ya like a cup of tea loves a reflection

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  1. hey oscar! just dropping a line to say hi. glad to hear the writing of poems is happening. :) i hope i get to see you & barb when i’m in town w/the fam this weekend!

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