England 1 – 0 Ecuador

a pox on you, david beckham! a pox on you and your whole house!

uhmm, perhaps i can salvage this situation and make me up a good curse poem for mr posh spice.

otherwise, cheers to team yellow & blue for advancing to the second round of the cup. i hope they are all currently drinking up the finest brew available and enjoying the rest of the copa.

World-Proud Ecuador leave with heads held high
“With the way we played during the first round and against England, Ecuador has won … respect from the football world”
— Striker Agustin Delgado

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  1. Well, at least he threw up afterwards. That wasn’t too pretty.

    My babysitter, who is from Brazil, asked if she could come to work a little late today so she could watch the Brazil-Ghana match. “3 to 0! 3 to 0!” she screamed as she burst through the front door…

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