The corner of Charlotte Street has been visited by President Jimmy Carter, in 1977, and Presidential Candidate Ronald Reagan, in 1980. Both Presidents responded with an identical quote when referring to the area. In 1997, President Bill Clinton also paid this historic corner a visit.

Press Stop at Charlotte Street

“I’m impressed by the spirit
of hope and determination
by the people to save
what they have.”

Hope & Determination:
just rhetoric in the air. All
that they have
is broken promises.

Just words in the air, all
for Presidents to revisit
the ‘Falsas Promesas’
and ‘DK’ graffiti.

Carter, Reagan, Clinton visit
this South Bronx corner
and decay. Graffiti—
all that’s left to find on

this South Bronx corner
by the people to save
all that’s been left behind.
I’m impressed by that sprit.

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