Show me how you do that trick

behind on the pace i set for myself earlier in the month. its taking me forever to get through mary oliver’s book specially the section on meter. i aint blamin it on anything else other than my inability to decipher meter which is incredibly ironic considering how good i am with recurring numeric patterns. and thats how the ball bounces, gee!

also behind on my poem count. i need to produce a couple of works by this monday’s class. normally, at this point of the game, i am saying the same thing but at least i have a fragment of an inkling of a thought of where the poem is originating from. a line, a thought pattern, an ending, a lil sumthin. this time around, not so much.

despite all this, i woke up this morning with a spring in my step and happy to see my reflection in the mirror so while there are some roadblocks the road is still a good place to be.

lets see if i can post up a poem of mine or maybe (cough)most likely(cough) someone else’s.

love ya like fresh lemonade with mint leaves loves a hot summer night!

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