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finished “walking worlds”
i wont say i disliked the book but i will say that i enjoyed the poem interludes much more than the short stories. maybe its just that i have had a little too much magical realism in my literary diet as of late.

to cure that i will be reading ai’s “vice

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  1. in the interest of some [possibly] good dialogue i’ll say that sometimes a meandering story is exactly that: a good, meandering story with no apparent point to it except perhaps to tell us something about the teller of the story/ies. i feel like this storyteller of walking words is doing just that: walking us through these times and places, and doing so without the intention of didacticism, moralizing, ie giving us these insipid however palatable “the moral of the story is [this].” i think if this storyteller were to do so, then we as the audience/listener wouldn’t be called upon to do any amount of thinking or participating in meaning-making for/with the story.

    i think also that point of galeano’s book is really those poetic interludes which give the reader an insight into word itself as cultures value it and those who wield it.

    my two centavos.

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