This dance isn’t for everybody

good discourse is still going on amongst my new york people as they rush to get their NYFA apps out on time. i wish them all love & short lines at the post office.

here in the bay, i met up with some peeps from the kearney street workshop to help with edits and tryin to produce new work. currently, i am at a stall. like a bird falling from the cornice of a building, wings out, knowing theres an air current and waiting for it to meet up with me. ok, not a bird, just a plain ole pigeon but ya get the deal. that little attempt at being poetic is just to say that i need to light a serious flame under me and make the work happen.

but all was not lost as i read some dope poetry that just gave me a glimpse of a scene between real people and let me overhear some dialogue that was all kinds of real. that and i may have formed a new collectiev: Mimes Who Refuse To Be Silent. we are taking the title of Mime back from the pretenders or sumthin.

and, just like that, you have experienced your jackass moment of the day.

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