Under a blood-red sky/A crowd has gathered in black and white

Suffice to say that 2006 was a banner year for your boy in the bay. Where once I was absolutely paralyzed at the thought of change – with near personally catastrophic results – I changed my tune and made 2006 the year that everything would change and it did. And it also didn’t.

This is to say that I shook up everything in my life but instead of thing turning all topsy-turvy (which I never thought they would), they all came out right as rain (which is what I was planning on).

Y basta! Enough lookin’ back at the world through a rear view mirror, time for the long ride ahead.

I am NOT about resolutions, instead I will let y’all know what IS gonna go down in the Deuce-Lucky:
-I will be starting college. Yeah, I did like two semesters a long time ago in a galaxy called the 80s but I sure didn’t have my heart in it which means I will fully embrace this (re)start at higher education.
-I will begin editing the Poetry section for a local arts magazine, more info on this when the official update goes up.
-I will cook a legit Valenican Paealla (sans the rabbit).
-I will be applying for at least two writing internships.
-I will catalog the house library.

That’s all I can think of right at this second but I am sure more fun stuff will appear as the year goes on, including the 4-1-1 for my next Bay Area reading.

Love ya like homemade soup

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