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Mystery Science Theater 3000
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Found this excellent post thanks to Guy’s Comic Commentary blog–

To start discussion or provide an alternative point of view. Beware, though, this may work against writing a good review, if the reviewer winds up discussing plot and characters too fannishly just to get responses. Also, reviewers shouldn’t cop an attitude just to get noticed. Attitude is cheap; content is rare.

Yes, the post is regarding comic books but it seems like the same principles apply toward any literary review.

More fun stuff over at Comic Book Commentary’s new home and Guy’s personal blog also found a new address.

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  1. Yeah, Johanna’s take on reviewing has pretty much become my guideline when it comes to comics, and it definitely applies to other mediums.

    Nice redesign on the blog, BTW. I’m going to redo loudpoet.com at some point and may have to steal this! ;-)

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