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Very happy to report that my submission to the VONA Summer Writing Workshop has been accepted and that means I will be having a week long intensive with Willie Perdomo.

Can ya say: Boo-Yah!? Yes, I knew ya could.

Here are the poems I sent VONA
– About B-Boys in the Boogie Down
– both a place and a scare-word
– The Truth (and some Lies) about the Bronx
– tricking the eye
– Poem written to the Jimmy Castor Bunch’s “It’s Just Begun”

This submission relied very heavily on my group of Bronx poems which is what I felt was my strongest work about six weeks ago. Flash forward to right here, right now and I think I would have sent them a group of poems that have a bit more geographic movement. But hey, I am in the program so I got nuthin to complain about.

Speaking of new hotness, I will be reading at IWL tomorrow which will be a good opportunity to test out the new, and in some cases, very different work that has come out of these workshops. Hope to see ya there!

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