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El (Nuevo) Mandatodo
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Rich Villar, the curator and host of Acentos, has a fresh new blog up:

Y’all should go, check it out and then bookmark it. At least that’s what I think.

Funny how this blog stuff starts off so chill and light. Recap the day, talk about some troubles, make note of the good times and then next thing you know– people are actually readin’ it! Now that the spotlight is on we can go a couple of ways but I think the best way for me is to keep movin towards talk of process, review of lit and actually sayin somethin’ of merit. All of which is to say that I plan on stickin’ my neck out a lil but more and going in depth on a few things regarding poetics, community, language and resistance. I’m not sayin’ I have the right answers or even any answers at all but Ima keep diggin’ to bring up some questions.

And, oh yeah, Ima still post up about my readings and submissions cuz I know at least one person is looking through the archives everyone in a while to check his growth and progress.

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