Beautiful Experience

Minneapolis/St Paul is a blast! Just came back from checking out the Loft and the Guthrie while also getting on my disaster voyeur quota (checking out the bridge collapse). It sounds dreadfully touristy but I am becoming quite the fan of urban architectures and how they inform us (those who live, work or are affected by city) as markers of permanence.

Example: A few years ago, a construction company hired to remodel Mosholu Parkway in the Bronx accidentally uprooted a slew of century old trees. Yes, there was some local uproar and the company apologized and planted new seedlings but damage done and all back to normal soon enough. Now, a building falls down or a bridge collapses and various gov’t agencies are called in to examine this phenomenon from every angle possible to insure it never happens again. Is it only because human life has been lost or is it because we want to make sure as shapers of the new “natural” landscape, we want to make sure we are perfect in order to assume a proper god-like nature?

More later, with links, pics and a reading report as “The Other Side of the Eye” is about to officialy lanuch and I am uber-excited for Bryan!


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