Silent Poem by Robert Francis

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       Silent Poem

backroad      leafmold       stonewall        chipmunk
underbrush          grapevine     woodchuck      shadblow
woodsmoke            cowbarn    honeysuckle      woodpile
sawhorse       bucksaw                      outhouse              wellsweep
backdoor        flagstone           bulkhead                      buttermilk
candlestick         ragrug         firedog             brownbread
hilltop         outcrop       cowbell          buttercup
whetstone     thunderstorm     pitchfork          steeplebush
gristmill        millstone          cornmeal     waterwheel
watercress     buckwheat    firefly           jewelweed
gravestone     groundpine   windbreak             bedrock
weathercock    snowfall       starlight         cockcrow

© Robert Francis

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  1. Willie taught this poem at VONA as an example of a form called the “collage poem.” I love it because Francis stuck so hard to the parameters he set up in the poem and thus we get “wellsweep”. ;-)

    This was the form I used for my Orchard Beach collage poem.

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