Just finished filling out a Public and Private in the Blogosphere survey which I started just to test out my feeds generator but which actually helped me articulate some of the reasons I blog which has always been this: To track and monitor my progress as a poet.

Back in the day I was posting some more private, inside joke, nebulous entries relating in weird ways to poetry but I stopped when I found out I was being so nebulous that six months I didn’t even know what i was blogging about.

In the interest of transparency and since it is a Public/Private sruvey, I’ve posted some of the questions and some of my answers.

How would you define the term “private”?
Anything related to my home life, family and day job.

How would you define the term “public”?
Anything related to my poetics (process, publications, critiques, conversations, etc.).

What is the purpose of your blog?
To document experiences for myself / preserve memories.
As a creative outlet.
To share my knowledge with others.

Who is the intended audience / readership of your blog?
People I’ve met online and offline
People I’ve never met but who have similar interests

How does the relative publicity/privacy of your blog affect your blogging practices?
I want to make sure I am blogging from a historical (public) purpose and not for purely personal (private) motivations.

Bloggers, stand up and be counted! Take the “Public and Private in the Blogosphere” Survey!

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