La Bodega Sold Dreams

I got this video from Thy Tran’s blog. As I mentioned in her comment section: It’s funny, cuz it’s true. It’s also sad, cuz it’s true. The exposition on the “bodega food pyramid” is hilarious all by itself, but Dallas and Rafi’s thanks to the gov’t forces that be for helping keep poverty alive and well in the Bx is political satire at its best.

It’s also not a Bronx thing, either. The place I call home, West Oakland, is infamous for having 53 liquor stores and no grocery stores in the area. Near as I can tell, it’s a real thin line between a New York bodega and an Oakland liquor store.

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  1. BO – DE – GA ! So then what are the nutritional ramifications on the BO – DE – GA when gentrification happens, and then the corner store is selling soy milk and organic canned veggies? Just thinkin out loud here.

  2. when gentrification does happen, the corner store will probably have to move cuz they won’t be able to afford the rent that the new starbucks will happily pay.

    as for the nutritional ramifications, the corner store would start selling vitasoy and navel oranges in a hot second if they thought it would sell and not just take up valuable shelf space which means residents have to say, “stop selling me this junk and start stocking up on some affordable healthy alternatives.”

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