X-Post: Fresno Famous Interview with Lee Herrick

In the Grove Release Party: A Special Issue Devoted to the late poet, Andrés Montoya (Poetry Reading).
Local poet, Lee Herrick discusses the influence Andrés Montoya had on his life and the importance of this special issue and reading.
by Liz Scheid
April 5, 2008

I understand that the next issue of In the Grove, due out April 10th is a special issue dedicated to the late poet, Andrés Montoya. Could you tell me about the making of this issue, as in what made you and/or others decide to make this tribute issue, and why at this particular time?

Daniel Chacón, a writer with whom your readers might be familiar (he was a Visiting Lecturer in the MFA Program at Fresno State recently, author of Chicano Chicanery and and the shadows took him) approached me about the project, and I was thrilled. Dan is a very good friend of mine, and he was Andrés’ closest friend. Andrés was the first poet I met when I moved to Fresno in 1997. So it was a very easy decision to make. This is also a benefit of staying fiercely independent—I can take on projects like this (or decline them) whenever I want to.

The timing of the issue serves two main purposes, in my mind: first, it is a wonderful opportunity to remember and honor one of poetry’s treasures, the poetry of Andrés Montoya. Second, it will hopefully raise visibility and perhaps anticipation of the publication of Andrés’ second book called Universe, Breath and All, which Dan has edited and which will hopefully be published soon. I don’t know what press will publish it, but whoever lands it will be very fortunate.

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