X-Post: The New York Times on Obama & Typography

Campaign Stops: To the Letter Born
By Steven Heller
Published: April 2, 2008
Obama’s consistent use of the Gotham typeface in his graphics reflects his personality and his campaign message.

“Barack Obama is running the first real transmedia campaign of the 21st century. His people not only understand how media has splintered, but how audiences have splintered, too. Cell phones, mobile devices, Web sites, e-mail, social networks, iPods, laptops, billboards, print ads and campaign events are now just as important as television. The senator’s design strategy has given these diverse platforms (and their different audiences) a coherence that makes them all work together. I’ve worked with giant, global corporations who don’t do it this well.”

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  1. Now someone needs to write a piece about the videos made by Obama supporters vs. those made by HRC supporters. A funny piece. A really, really, funny piece. And THIS should be the main fodder…

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