The Newness: Pinecones- A Podcast of Young Poets

Pinecones is a podcast designed to showcase the work and talents of young poets. It is run by university students, so much of the work one will find on this website will be from poets writing in a university environment. However, we are looking to promote the fine work of any and all young poets— in other words: university-trained or not, if you are interested, please send us your work and we will get back to you as soon as we can about the possible inclusion of some of it in a future show.

Pinecones also features readings and interviews with older, more established poets, poets who have taught creative writing for many years and who, in recounting their own development as young poets, may be able to offer insight into the individual pursuits of mastery this generation of young poets is beginning upon.

Pinecones are defined here as gifts to humanity—a pinecone may be a toy sheep, a bottle of beer, or, in the case, a poem or an interview committed to disc and hard drive and made available on this website for anyone to take and keep or share with others.

The first Pinecones podcast features Andrew Cooper, Franzi Roesner, Patrick Rosal, Donika Ross, Michael Swellander, and Thomas Whitbread.

You can download the premiere episode here.

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