X-Post: Writers focus on Midwest Latinos

Contributors to the new anthology “Primera Pagina: Poetry from the Latino Heartland” — including one with ties to Wichita — say they want to express and draw attention to the Hispanic experience in the middle of the country.

“I don’t think Hispanics in the Midwest have really been able to have a voice,” said Marcelo Xavier Trillo, 30, who was raised in Wichita and participates in the Kansas City-based Latino Writers Collective.

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  1. Yeah, I am digging all the great energy the Latino Writers Collective is putting towards their marketing campaign. Definitely looking forward to picking up the anthology.

  2. I’m definitely in agreement. That anthology is going to be the truth.

    Speaking of diverse voice, what’s going on with Tea Party, the contest and new website. There seems to be an anxious buzz in the air.

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