Around the Way: Inaugaral Edition

Listen• Barb’s third poetry collection is set to come out on BOA Editions in the Fall of 2010. Yay! for Diwata and YAY! for Barb.

from unincorporated territory by Craig Santos Perez looks like the true hotness.

Achiote Press has three new chapbooks out for the summer. Best to get yours now.

Annecy Báez gets the Small Press Spotlight from Rigoberto González.

• Speaking of Rigoberto: Other Fugitives & Other Strangers has won the The Poetry Center Book Award!

Debbie Yee reviews Cannibal and The Lumberyard.

Neil Gaiman will be writing a two part Batman story with Andy Kubert providing the art. Huzzah!

A Black & White World is Gaiman’s take on the Batman/Joker dynamic with Simon Bisley’s gorgeous black and white art which is funny as all hell. A must read for you Dark Knight fans who can’t get enough twisted Joker humor in your life.

• My nephew is all set to hit a home run in the cover image to Harlem World Blog’s coverage of the All Star Stickball game.

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